(You save a lot because in this tour package of 10 days you will discover the most beautiful tourist attractions and the most interesting activities of 23 tours: Kintamani or The Volcano Tour, Besakih or The Mother Temple Tour, Karangasem or East Bali Tour, Bedugul Tanah Lot Tour, Buleleng or The North Bali Tour, Bali’s Rice Granary Tour, The Indigenous Bali Aga people, Mount Batur Climbing, Morning Dolphins Tour, Lembongan Island Day Cruise, White Water Rafting, Batur Cycling, Turtle Island Tour, Bangli and Tampak Siring Tour, Denpasar City Tour, Archaeological Tour, Uluwatu or The South Bali Tour, Ubud Tour, Kechak and Fire Dance, Balinese Cooking Class, Jatiluwih Rice Paddy Trekking, Menyali Sekumpul Trekking and Traditional Balinese massage.)

Very important note: in order to be able to do well this itinerary, we recommend you to arrive in Bali one day before and to leave Bali one day after we finish the program. Kindly choose a hotel located in the south Bali. For a group of more than 13 people some visits will have to be removed because of the limited time or due to the capacity of the street that does not allow the bus to enter.

Day 1: Tanah Lot, Mengwi, Jatiluwih, Bedugul, Twin Lakes, Banjar Hot Spring, Lovina (breakfast and lunch are included).

We pick you up at 07.00 a.m. in the hotel lobby, then we take you firstly to the marine temple of Tanah Lot, the most famous tourist attraction in Bali, built on a huge rock off-shore which is surrounded by sea water on high tides. Afterwards we proceed to Mengwi to see the royal family temple of Taman Ayun, the second largest temple in Bali with an area of 4 hectares surrounded by an artificial moat. Afterwards we continue our tour to Jatiluwih, a mountain village with magnificent rice field view. We will have the opportunity to observe from closer distance the agricultural life and to enjoy the beauty of the rice fields which belongs to the World Heritage Sites. After having lunch with the awesome view, we will take you to the shore of Lake Beratan, to visit the temple of Ulun Danu Beratan, built for Dewi Danu, the goddess of the waters, surrounded by the lake water, flower gardens and lofty mountains. Afterwards we continue our trip to Munduk with superb view to the Twin Lakes of Buyan and Tambelingan; and then to the Munduk waterfall, located in the midst of dense vegetation whose clean and chilly water comes from Lake Tambelingan. Afterwards we continue our trip to the hot springs of Banjar to stretch our muscles in the hot sulfuric water. After the tour we will take you to the Aditya Lovina Beach Resorts or to other similar category hotel in Lovina Beach for overnight.

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Day 2: Trekking to a beautiful waterfall and the Balinese food cooking class (Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included).

After having breakfast, we take you to a beautiful village located on the slope of the central mountains of Bali. The village boasts very unique and beautiful waterfalls, and on the way to get there we will have the opportunity to experience the daily life of the Balinese village in northern Bali, known for their kindness and curiosity. We will see from close by the people’s agricultural activities in the dry fields. This trekking gives us the chance to appreciate the rich flora and fauna found along the way with glimpses of country life, and even a secret garden in the middle of the jungle. Indonesian food lunch will be served in a restaurant near the waterfall. After a refreshing shower in the waterfall, we will take a rest under the shade of coconut trees tasting the refreshing coconut water and the delicious coconut meat freshly taken. In the afternoon we will have a Balinese food cooking class to learn to prepare some of the Balinese most popular dishes and then we take the same food for our dinner. Afterwards we will take you to the Aditya Lovina Beach Resorts or to other similar category hotel in Lovina Beach for overnight.

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Day 3: The Dolphin morning adventure, Singaraja, Beji North Balinese style temple, Kintamani, Art Villages and Kecak & Fire Dance, Ubud (includes breakfast and lunch).

We pick you up at 05.15 in the morning to see the attractions of the friendly dolphins from close by while they are hunting for fishes or squids for their morning meal. Afterwards we return to hotel for shower and breakfast and then we leave for the old port of Singaraja, the capital of Bali during the Dutch and Japanese colonial era (1848 - 1945) and during the first years of independence (1945-1953). Continuing the trip we take you to the Beji Temple in Sangsit, dedicated to Dewi Sri, the goddess of rice that ensures the good crops. The temple is decorated in very typical Baroque north Bali style, richly carved in every available space. Our next destination is Kintamani, a mountain village where we have lunch with breathtaking view to the still active Mount Batur and her crtaer lake. On the way to South Bali, stops will be made at a traditional Balinese house compound owned by a woodcarver family at Kemenuh to learn the curious local architecture and to experience the people daily life, and also to see the master pieces of his art work. To complete our discovery on Balinese culture, we also have the opportunities to see the Balinese craftsmen at work creating excellent art pieces in Balinese traditional paintings in Batuan, gold and silver jewellery in Celuk and Batik and Ikat traditional cloths in Tohpati. Afterwards the Kecak dance, the most unique Balinese dance theater will be performed around burning torch in the nearby stage without any instrumental music, only accompanied by a male chorus of around 70 persons whose clapping hands, shaking of their torso, and their songs form the background for the Ramayana story, a Hindu version of Romeo and Juliet but happy ended. Rahwana, the king of the giants from Sri Lanka kidnapped Princess Sita, the wife of Prince Rama. Finally with the help of the monkey army under Hanoman, the white monkey general and Sugriwa the king of monkeys, Rama defeated Rahwana and Sita was reunited again with her beloved husband. The heavenly nymph dance ensued in which two pre pubescent girls while possessed by the nymph spirits, will dance unison movements with closed eyes, and in the Fire dance we will witness a man riding a wooden horse while in trance will walk on bonfire made by coconut husks without getting hurt. Afterwards we take you to Adi Cottages or to other similar category hotel in Ubud for overnight.

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Day 4: The Eastern Part of Bali (includes breakfast and lunch).

Breakfast at the hotel. We will take you to the eastern part of Bali, a beautiful region with mountain and sea scenery where many old traditions are well preserved. At first we take you to Goa Lawah where undulating bats considered sacred by the Balinese cover every space on the wall of the cave. In the nearby seaside we will see also the traditional technique of extracting salt from seawater still practiced by the local people over centuries. Then we continue our tour to Tenganan, an indigenous Balinese Aga village that preserves the structure of the village and the community system as in the time of their ancestors. Tenganan is the only place in Indonesia where the old double ikat weaving technique to make the famous fabric Gringsing that takes at least three years to complete is done. The Tenganan people believe that they are descendants of Indra, god of thunder, lightning and rain and in order to maintain the purity of their blood, married with outsiders is forbidden. In the middle of the village there are public buildings, rice barns and community halls. Each newly married will be allowed a plot of 234 square meter land to build their house. Although the village let to each family a plot of 3 hectares field that make them as the richest community in Bali, the Tenganan people are also hard workers and we see them frequently making various kinds of handicrafts such as basketry, weaving and writing or painting on Lontar palm leaves found nowhere else in Bali. Afterwards we proceed to Candidasa which is famous for her freshwater lagoon decorated with lotus flowers. Then we continue our trip to the Water Palace of Tirta Gangga whose chilly and crystal clear water are still considered sacred by the Balinese. Lunch will be served here. Our next stop is Puri Agung Karangasem royal palace in Amlapura where the last king of Karangasem used to live until the end of his life. Afterwards we proceed to the Ujung Sukasada Water Palace where honorary guests of the kingdom were entertained in the past time. The legacy of Karangasem kings combines hormoniously Balinese, Chinese and European elements. After the tour, we take you to Rama Shinta Hotel or to other similar category hotel in Candi Dasa beach for overnight.

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Day 5: Klungkung, Bukit Jambul, Rendang, Bangli, Gunung Kawi, Tampaksiring and Tegalalang (breakfast and lunch are inclusive).

After breakfast, we will take you firstly to Klungkung, the former seat of the most powerful kings of Bali. Here we will see the best examples of classical Balinese paintings in the Kerta Gosa or the Court of Justice and the Bale Kambang Floating Pavilion the so-called the Sistine Chapel of Bali. Then we continue our trip to Bukit Jambul, the crested hill, with superb view of the terraced rice fields extending from the foot of the mountain to the sea with a superb view to the neighboring island of Nusa Penida and to Rendang a village with an amazing view of the rice fields and (if we're lucky) the view of Mount Agung in the background. Lunch will be served here. Afterwards we proceed to Bangli, a garden city known for the state temple of Pura Kehen built according to ancient stepped or punden berundak tradition on a hill north of the city and the traditional village of Panglipuran famous for her uniformed entrance gate and her unique house structure surrounded by a large bamboo forest. Afterwards we continue our journey to the Valley of the Kings of Gunung Kawi with lovely view to the Pakrisan river valley, and to the holy spring temple of Tirta Empul where the Balinese purify themselves in the holy water believed to be created by Indra, the god of the thunder, lightning and rain. On the way back we stop at the picturesque terraced rice paddies of Tegalalang before heading to Ubud for overnight. Overnight at Hotel Adi Cottages in Ubud or at other similar category hotel in Ubud.

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Day 6: The Mount Batur Climbing, The Hot Spring, The Trunyan prehistoric village and the temple of Ulun Danu Batur (breakfast and lunch are inclusive).

We wake up at 2:00 a.m. to start the Mount Batur climbing. We take you firstly to the shore of Lake Batur at Pura Pasar Agung to begin our Mount Batur climbing. A local experienced guide will accompany you to the summit and then to take you back to the finish point. To reach the top which is one kilometer from the starting point, you firstly pass through the sandy and rocky trails with Eucalyptus trees, then you pass occasionally bushes. The route becomes steeper with grass and lava stones, the rest of the previous volcanic eruptions at the beginning of this century. At first light you reach the summit where there are food stalls the place to take coffee and banana sandwich while enjoying the spectacular sunrise in front of you. In the clear day it is possible to spot easily Mount Mangu near Lake Beratan on the west, Mount Abang (2152 m) which is the rest of the eruption of Old Mount Batur 100,000 years ago, Mount Agung (3142 m) which is the highest point of Bali, and even sometimes can be seen Mount Rinjani (3726 m) on the island of Lombok, the neighboring island. After taking a rest, going around to see the crater and hot spots from the volcanic activity and enjoying the beautiful view from the top for about one hour, we return to the finish point and then we take you to the hot springs in Toya Bungkah to stretch your muscles in the hot water containing sulfur through areas covered with black lava river from previous Batur eruptions. Our lunch will be served in a floating restaurant on the lake with the typical grilled Tilapia fish from Lake Batur as the main course. After lunch we will take you on a motorized boat to Trunyan, another indigenous tribe village called Bali Aga, a prehistoric village located on the eastern shore of Lake Batur between the lake and Mount Abang. Trunyan people practice many ancient traditions especially mortuary traditions, in which the bodies of the dead are not cremated nor buried, but are simply left above the cemetery ground covered by sarong or towel under a large Taru Menyan tree. According to their belief, the tree emits a fragrant smell which later mix with the foul smell of the decomposed body and finally there is no foul smell. At the end of the day we take you to the temple of Ulun Danu Batur with its spectacular shrines dedicated to the god of Mount Batur and the goddess of Lake Batur. Afterwards we take you to the Lake View Hotel or to other similar category hotel in Kintamani for overnight.
Note: the Mount Batur climbing can be changed with the Batur sunrise from Pinggan and the walk on the black lava river near Toyabungkah.

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Day 7: From Mount Batur to Ubud by Bike, and the charms of Ubud (Breakfast and lunch are inclusive).

After breakfast, we are ready to ride the bike. The starting point of our route is the ancient crater of Mount Batur, which is at 1200 meters above sea level. At this starting point we have our breakfast in a place with a spectacular view to Mount Batur and her crater lake. Then during approximately two and a half hour ride down, we pass through thick jungle, groves of giant bamboos, ancient temples covered by mosses, traditional quiet villages where there will be opportunities to see the glimpses of rural life: a shepherd leads his ducks to field, farmers who are working their fields or others who are cutting grass for their cows. Our guide who is a resident of that area will explain their knowledge of culture, local fauna and flora, and inadvertently we'll get to Ubud, the artistic heart of the island to have lunch Balinese roast suckling pig (Babi Guling). Afterwards we continue our tour to discover the charms of Ubud: a refreshing walk in the monkey forest with a lovely riverside water temple hidden by the shadow of the giant Ficus Benjamin tree, the lotus pond with Kumuda Saraswati temple which was designed by the most famous architect of Bali, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, and the Puri Saren royal palace where the nobility of Ubud still lives to this day. Afterwards we take you to Adi Cottages or to other similar category hotel in Ubud for overnight.
Note: from Mount Batur to Ubud by Bike can be replaced by the open Volkswagen Kuebelwagen from World War II ride through the parallel route from Kintamani to Ubud passing through the lost villages off the tourist route.

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Day 8: Goa Gajah, Rafting, and the mother temple of Besakih (breakfast and lunch are inclusive).

After breakfast, we take you to the Rendang village in the mountain, where we provide you with helmet, life jacket and paddle to go rafting in the Telaga Waja river for about 2 hours in which you will enjoy the beauty and the tranquility of the river and its environment and at the same to experience the adventure of conquering over 25 third or fourth class rapids with lots of excitement. The river is home to exotic birds like the Javen kingfishers, beautiful butterflies, and other wildlife. On its banks grow an amazing variety of wild plants, among others are coconut trees, bamboo groves, banana trees, ferns, et cetera. On the way down you will have chances to see glimpses of rural Balinese life. Lunch will be served after the rafting in a place with an impressive view of the river valley. On the way to get there we will stop in Goa Gajah, the elephant cave, the remains of Buddhist Hindu monastery of XI century which was unearthed in 1923 AD. After rafting we continue our trip to Besakih temple built on the southern slope of Mount Agung (3142 m), known as "the mother temple" of Bali, the largest, the holiest and the most important Hindu temple in Bali. Afterwards we take you to the Adi Cottages Hotel or to other similar category hotel in Ubud for overnight.
Note: rafting can be changed with the walks in Campuhan Ridge for around two hours near Ubud Gunung Lebah Temple flanked by East and West Oos River.

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Day 9: The island of Turtles, Denpasar, South Bali (breakfast, lunch and dinner are inclusive).

Breakfast at the hotel. At 9.00 a.m. we pick you up and we take you to Serangan Island where we board a motorized boat to visit Turtle Island where there are lots of turtles to take pictures with. Here the wounded turtles are taken care of and cured and then released into the sea, while dozens of baby turtles hatched from eggs collected from the secluded beaches around Bali are saved from predators at the early age. On the way to get there we can feed the colorful reef fishes with our bread. Here is also your chance to do watersport activities such as snorkelling, parasailing, flying fish, banana boat, sea walker or jet ski (on your own cost). Then we will take you to Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, visiting the beautiful monument of Bajra Sandi in the town square and the zero point of the island with her Catur Muka monument - Shiva as the Lord of the four cardinal points. Lunch will be served at the Jendela Bali restaurant famous for her stunning south Bali view. Afterwards we will visit the monument of GWK (Garuda Vishnu Kencana) representing God Vishnu riding the Garuda mythological bird which will be 182 meter high when finished. Our next stop is the Padang-Padang beach, the venue for the annual surfer’s championship organized by Rip Curl and where the shooting of the Julia Roberts' Eat, Pray and Love’s movie was done, then to the Uluwatu cliff top temple, located at 70 meter above the sea level, with a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. This temple is the masterpiece of the holy priest-architect Nirartha, who chose this place for his ascension to God. Then we take you to the romantic beach of Jimbaran Bay to have a grilled seafood dinner (lobster, fish, crab, shrimp, clams, and squid) on the beach front sand illuminated by thousands of stars with natural music of the pounding waves. In the end of the day we take you to the Fave Hotel or to other similar category hotel in Seminyak.
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Day 10: Cruise to the Lembongan island, the traditional massage and then transfer to the airport or to your hotel (includes breakfast and lunch).

After breakfast, we pick you up at 07.30 a.m. in your hotel then we take you to Sanur beach to board the fast boat that takes you to the paradise beach of Lembongan, a small island with white sandy beaches and blue turquoise sea water. On this small island we have a full day activities on the beach and in the water to enjoy the rich marine life through the glass bottom boat or snorkeling, get lots of fun riding the banana boat, or just swim in sea ​​or in the pool, or simply sunbathes on the beach. Lunch is served in the Waka Resort, which is like an oasis with traditional huts, coconut groves, swimming pool and sea front tables for having lunch. After lunch, join us to discover the little island secret through the excursion on motorcycle to the panorama point – the highest point in the island with the stunning beach and sea view, to the underground house which was made by an old priest alone during 15 years and to seaweed plantations which is the main source of income for most inhabitants of Lembongan. Dream Beach with pristine white sandy beach and blue turquoise water is our next destination, together with Devil’s Tears a cliff with the biggest waves in the whole island. At approximately 16:00 p.m. we return to the Bali mainland. In the end of the trip we take you to get a one hour traditional massage to refresh your body and mind. Then we take you the airport or to your hotel (the hotel is not included in the price of this tour package).

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Number of Persons (minimum two participants) 2-3 persons 4-6 persons 7-13 persons 13 persons or more
Price per person in Euros 1.165 ‎€ 1.040 ‎€ 965 ‎€ 915 ‎€

The price includes an air conditioned vehicle, fuel, parking fees, all entrance fees and donations, driver and tour guide services (and local guide service for example trekking guide or rafting guide if necessary), the use of sarong when entering temples, mineral water, half board base meal (Indonesian food breakfast with lunch or dinner) and a standard room (twin sharing) in the mentioned hotels or in other hotels with the similar category.

The supplement for 4 star hotels: The Lovina in Lovina Beach, Rama Candidasa in Candidasa Beach, Ubud Beji Resorts in Ubud, Villa Nyuh Gading in Kerobokan (or in other similar hotels): 500 Euros per person.
The high season supplement: July 1 - September 30, Dec. 20 - Jan. 5, three days before to three days after Idulfitri (the end of Ramadan) and one day before to one day after Nyepi Balinese New Year: Euros per person.

I am an officially licensed guide by the government from 1989 (beware of the drivers pretending to be a guide; they charge you cheaper but they don’t know to guide you inside of the tourist objects and the government tourist police will fine people without official license escorting tourist).

I love my job as a tour guide and thanks to my job; I have been in 26 Indonesian islands (out of 13.466). Read more

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