Departure: 9.00 a.m. (approximate duration 6 hours).
Stops: the island of Turtles, fish feeding and the monument of Garuda Visnú Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park.

bali island turtles bali island turtles bali watersport
bali diving bali watersport garuda wisnu kencana (GWK) cultural park

Join us to venture to the island of the Turtles, an island with hundreds of small and big turtles rescued from smuggling, healed from wounds in the sea or rescued as eggs in solitary beaches to avoid them to be the preys of their natural enemies, such as monkeys, crabs, eagles, monitor lizards or snakes. You will interact closely with these funny animals and with lots of other animals in the island. You can take a lot of photos with baby turtles and big turtles. On the way back you can feed the colorful reef fishes! In addition, if you love water sports, this is your chance to do parasailing, banana boat, flying fish, sea walker, snorkeling, diving, fishing et cetera, with affordable cost!

We firstly take you on a motorized boat to the island of the Turtles, where you will find plenty of turtles to take pictures with. Here the smuggled turtles are treated specially before setting them free again in the sea while the wounded turtles are healed and then released back also into the sea. Dozens of baby turtles hatched from eggs of different species of turtles collected from the secluded beaches around Bali to save them from the predators at early ages are raised here. Here we can take a lot of pictures with them. In the island also live dozens of animals like pythons, monitor lizards, iguanas, owls, eagles, toucans, monkeys, etc. On the way back we can also feed the colorful reef fishes with our bread. Lunch will be served at the Jendela Bali restaurant famous for its breathtaking view to the South Bali region. Afterwards we take you to the monument of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park, a monument of God Vishnu riding Garuda mythological bird planned to have the height of 132 meter when it is completely finished.

Note: Water sports are available at an extra cost (on your own cost), such as Sea Walker, Jet Ski, Flying Fish, Banana Boat, Parasailing, Fishing, Snorkeling (swimming under the sea surface) or diving.

The optional wáter sport activities per person:

Parasailing (5 minutes / 1 round)
Banana Boat (15 minutes)
Jet Ski (15 minutes):
Flying Fish (15 minutes / 2 rounds)
Sea Walker / Dream Walker (30 minutes):
Snorkeling / swimming under the sea surface (60 minutes.
Diving at Padang Bay (2 x Diving)
Diving at Amed / Tulamben (2 x Diving)
Diving at Nusa Penida (2 x Diving)
Diving at Menjangan Island (2 x Diving)
Trolling Fishing (4 hours)

I am an officially licensed guide by the government from 1989 (beware of the drivers pretending to be a guide; they charge you cheaper but they don’t know to guide you inside of the tourist objects and the government tourist police will fine people without official license escorting tourist).

I love my job as a tour guide and thanks to my job; I have been in 26 Indonesian islands (out of 13.466). Read more

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